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Fight the stress

Do you feel constrained by a life style that is getting faster and faster and that time is accelerating? Stress may be a new guest in your life.

Efficiency and perfection have become the key words of your professional life but also of your private one, your own space shrinks under the solicitations, you let yourself being invaded by modern technologies, it is time to react!

Indeed, stress impacts the intestinal flora that is regulating the immune system. Long periods of stress may provoke some deficiency in your immune system, causing many diseases.

How to fight stress when you can’t get away from your own lifestyle?

By small touches, revising one’s desire for perfection, allowing time doing nothing or petting your cat, sharing quality time with your family.

More profound changes include using proven stress management techniques such as yoga, sophrology or mindfulness meditation. Whatever tips are used, your goal is to gain well-being, relaxation and distancing.