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In contact with nature

When our way of life makes us forget the ancestral link that brings man and nature together

Our lifestyles are predominantly urban and sedentary and today we live in ever more sanitized environments in which our children spend most of their time confined.

We could think that these controlled and protective lifestyles are good for our health, but that’s not the case: allergy rates have dramatically increased in children.

How to explain this? It turns out that by this excessive hygiene broke our protective link with nature.

Nature is full of good bacteria, revise your way of life!

We know today that children raised without any excessive hygiene, in contact with the soil and animals, develop a much better immunity than town children.

To restore a natural balance, banish from your lives “the all sanitized”, give pets a place in your home, let your children walk on all fours in contact with the soil, organize outdoor activities. You will thus restore this link with nature which is so essential to a balanced life.