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Dear colleagues,
The specific bacterial strains in the specific proportion and combination contained in Slab51 have been the subject of numerous studies in both human and vet field. The studies have revealed the multiple beneficial effects of Slab51 and the improvement is also linked to a novel mechanism of action of oxygen-sparing observed in Covid-19 patients supplemented with very high doses of SivoMixx®800 and confirmed in the most recent paper published by Bonfili and colleagues(1-2).
This “oxygen sparing effect” is also important for athletes. During intense training, the muscle gets deprived of oxygen and will produce lactic acid in proportion to the effort intensity and the physical condition. Slab51 shows to modulate the blood consumption of oxygen in the gut making more oxygen available for other organs (i.e. brain, heart, liver, muscle…). In addition, the ability to reduce lactate as quickly as possible, and to transform it back into an energy substrate, will allow the athlete to sustain a prolonged intense effort, and therefore to better perform.
Evidence shows that probiotics are a way of modifying the microbiota, and there is increasing interest to better understand the metabolic pathways that attenuate exercise-induced inflammation, oxidative stress, intestinal permeability and energy homeostasis in horses. In fact, some bacteria show to allow the conversion of lactate into propionate, a short-chain fatty acid involved in the re-synthesis of glucose, i.e. new fuel for the muscle. Metabolomic testing confirmed better glucose and energy pathways utilization to prevent the development of chronic fatigue in Covid-19 patients supplemented with Sivomixx800(3).
Based on our experience, a first study was conducted with Slab51 in horses by Laghi and colleagues in 2018, showing that SivoMixx® 800 significantly reduced postexercise blood lactate concentration in standardbred horses following athletic activity(4). In 2020 another study carried out in Dubai with race horses confirmed that Slab51 can help tackle muscle acidosis, a key element in the process of muscle fatigue(5).
Science now points to probiotics as helpful in maximising the effect of nutritional programs and supports the direct and indirect roles of the gut microbiota in the host’s physiology, including improved metabolic health and athletic performance.
Our Sivomixx®800 is dedicated to our equine friends and to this purpose, we have elaborated this new scientific brochure which you can download here.
Many more studies and scientific collaboration are ongoing at the moment. The scientific fundamentals on the safety and efficacy of Slab51 are based on robust data, and we strongly believe that Slab51 probiotic formula opens a new promising scenario for numerous conditions.

Sivomixx 800 billion, four times more efficient!

We are glad to announce that our best seller Sivomixx® is now available in a 6gr sachet. SivoMixx® 800 contains a high concentration of bacteria, 800 billion per sachet, to ensure the colonization and restoration of the gut barrier (each box contains 14 sachets).

Sivomixx® 800 was a finalist of the Nutraingredients Awards 2021 Best probiotic of the year !

Best regards,
Dr Sara Berardi
Ormendes Team
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