Frequently Asked Questions2023-06-22T09:34:39+02:00

Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose SivoMixx™?2023-06-21T12:33:19+02:00

SivoMixx helps maintain the balance of your intestinal flora with 8 beneficial strains and 200 billion live bacteria.

What quantity should I take?2023-06-21T12:22:11+02:00

The recommended daily intake is 1 to 2 sachets.

When do I have to take SivoMixx™?2023-06-21T12:22:29+02:00

It is recommended to take SivoMixx™ in the morning on an empty stomach.

How do I take SivoMixx™?2023-06-21T12:22:47+02:00

Open the sachet and pour the contents into a glass of water or fruit juice or any other cold, non-carbonated drink. Mix well and take immediately.

How long can I take SivoMixx™?2023-06-21T12:23:59+02:00

SivoMixx™ is a food supplement and can be taken as long as needed. Follow your doctor’s advice.

Are there any side effects?2023-06-21T12:24:38+02:00

No side effects were reported with SivoMixx intake.

Does SivoMixx™ contain gluten or any other allergens?2023-06-21T12:26:08+02:00

SivoMixx™ does not contain gluten, lactose, soy or milk protein.

Can I take SivoMixx™ during pregnancy?2023-06-21T12:26:28+02:00

There is no contraindication during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, it is recommended to consult your physician before taking this or any other food supplement.

Do I need a prescription to buy SivoMixx™?2023-06-21T12:26:45+02:00

No, SivoMixx ™ is a food supplement that does not require a medical prescription.

How should I keep SivoMixx™?2023-06-21T12:27:28+02:00

It should be kept at a temperature between +2 and +8 ° C. It can be stored for up to one week at room temperature (maximum +25 ° C) without affecting the product quality. Avoid high temperatures.

Can I keep SivoMixx™ out of the fridge?2023-06-21T12:27:55+02:00

SivoMixx™ can be kept out of the fridge for up to one week without affecting the number of live bacteria. Do not expose your product at temperatures above + 25 ° C.






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