Fighting Stress


Fighting Stress

Your vital energy is shrinking under stress? It is time to react!

The frenzy within our daily lives, new technologies, an accelerated pace of life that presses us between perfection and efficiency, affecting both the work and family spheres. These, and many others, are just some of the sources that fuel our worst enemy: stress!
The result is a profound alteration of the intestinal flora which, among other things, also regulates our immune system. And if the stress is prolonged, it causes a generalized weakening, increasing the risk of developing chronic diseases.

But is it possible that the stress passes from the owners to their pet?
The answer is yes.

Studies show how what is called ‘interspecific synchronization’ arises between a chronically stressed owner and their pet, increasing the level of cortisol in the animal as well.
Don’t worry: there is also beneficial stress. Called eustress (literally ‘good stress’), it corresponds to the many stressful conditions that the body absorbs easily. The problem arises when the intensity of the ‘stress peaks’ are more violent or, worse, become chronic and cause excess cortisol to accumulate.

How to fight it?

With small tricks: forgetting the desire for perfection, carving out time for ourself and enjoying the moments spent with our family and with our animals. In fact, stroking your cat stimulates the production of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness, and slows down the heart rhythm, giving a natural sense of well-being. The ability of animals to develop a non-verbal communication system with humans is the basis of their ability to act on the human emotional system, which is the basis of the Pet Therapy. More decisively, using proven stress management techniques such as yoga, sophrology or meditation.
And remember that whatever means you use, your goal is to achieve well-being and relaxation for you and the people around you.