In contact with emotions


In contact with emotions

When our way of life makes us forget the ancestral link that unites us with nature

Our lifestyles are mainly urban and sedentary and today, more than ever, we live in limited environments, making the disruption of our protective bond with nature increasingly evident.
On the other hand, the focus is on this relationship or rather, connection: emotional osmosis, the method that uses emotions to put humans and animals in contact, welcoming them into the great arms of nature.

Pet Therapy: the value of a natural method

Integrated co-therapy with animals is a simple and essential language to communicate from a different and interesting perspective.
Animals are a very stimulating option for the care, rehabilitation and well-being of adults and children through a natural method which, as the experts confirm, is the “reptilian complex”.
In the wake of recent studies, it is understood how the proximity of animals can produce positive and therapeutic effects in the human psyche and in some physical pathologies.
Pet Therapy is expanding with all its facets: such as the Animal Assisted Activities (AAA), which includes all those activities that improve the quality of life in people with psycho-physical disorders, and the Animal Assisted Therapies (AAT), as true therapeutic pathways that aim to improve the physical, social, emotional and cognitive state of patients, also in association with more conventional treatments.

In summary, we are talking about the most used channel to increase the immediate expression of emotions between our animals and ourselves.