Grow and move together


Grow and move together

Nature is the bearer of good bacteria, did you know that?

Children left free to grow up and live in close contact with animals develop better immunity than those who spend most of their time in aseptic domestic environment. Generally, we might think that these controlled and protective lifestyles are good for our health, but this is not the case: experts report how allergy rates have paradoxically increased in children with low natural stimuli.

Indeed, scientific studies associate early coexistence with pets to an exponential decrease in allergies, respiratory problems and disorders of the immune system, especially in the successive stages of development, as well as conferring greater emotional stability and a better ability to communicate.

Motto: restore the balance.
Banish excessive hygiene from life (“Hygiene hypothesis”), allow pets in the house, let your children walk on all fours in contact with the ground and organize outdoor activities. In other words, re-establishing a link with nature, so essential for the balance of life: this is the secret.

We need to revise our lifestyle.

There is a tendency to think that the intestinal flora is exclusively a matter of nutrition. This is partly true, but diet isn’t everything.

We know that physical activity affects the quality of our intestinal flora and exercise, associated with a balanced diet, promotes a greater diversity of our microbiota (the world of microorganisms that live in our gut), which is essential for our health.

The impoverishment of the quality of intestinal microorganisms is at the origin of various diseases, including diabetes, obesity and inflammatory bowel diseases. This is why it is important to restore or preserve this microbial diversity which helps to fight the onset of these diseases, by choosing an active lifestyle, for example taking a walk with your pet, a walk with friends or other outdoor sports and recreational activities … Choose what best suits your pace and your desires!