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Move, Go out, Breathe

One tends to think that intestinal flora is exclusively linked to what we eat. That’s partly true, but diet is not the whole story.

We know now that physical activity impacts the quality of our intestinal flora as many studies have demonstrated. Practicing some sport together with a balanced diet promotes the microbial intestinal flora diversity which is so important for our health.

Indeed, depletion of the intestinal flora is the origin of many diseases, including diabetes, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease. That’s why it is important to restore or maintain this microbial diversity that helps to improve our resistance.

Move at all ages to keep healthy!

A sedentary lifestyle is now a worldwide public health problem.

To fight against this plague, all reasons are good to move and get some fresh air whatever your age. A short walk with your dog, regular walks with friends or more sporty activities, outdoor recreation, select what is best for your rhythm and your preferences!